Carpets & Flooring in Lichfield

If you are looking for Carpets & Flooring in Lichfield, with the whole world wide web to choose from,  you have come to the right place.


If you want the best quality Carpets & Flooring from manufacturers like Cormar and Manx Tomkinson, sourced, delivered, then fitted by a hunky fitter with over 30 years experience, then Lee Porter is your man.

You can click on their links above, browse their ranges, order 3 free samples to be delivered to your home, (Cormar SamplesMT Choosing a Carpet).

You can browse prices on national companies websites, such as OnlineCarpets, Designer-Carpet, CarpetWarehouse, FlooringSuperstore, or you can just G##gle the name of the flooring range you like, and find the best price you can.

Then call Lee on  01827 935007 or 07973 699839 and he will beat or at least match the price, source, deliver & fit your carpet, with a guarantee of satisfaction.

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